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“ My greatest passion is life- long learning and success for me is establishing legacies like leadership development, academic excellence and innovations in healthcare to provide a delightful patient centered care. Lean Six Sigma training equipped me with the higher level competency, problem solving skills , analytic mindset and statistical tools on my journey to success and I even shared it to my excellent team who are great in delivering revenues, outcomes and quality innovations. ”

Dr. Shirard Leonardo C. Adiviso

Asian Hospital | LSS Yellow Belt

“ As a novice to the field, the training provided me with valuable information on Lean Six Sigma methods. It enhanced my knowledge specifically on the application of the DMAIC model and that the practical tips they provided were very useful. The interactive learning approach let me acquire insights from other participants and more importantly that it raised my confidence. Everything was very well prepared and I highly recommend it as a great foundation to people who pursue excellence. ”

Marilyn Tan

New World Diagnostics, Inc. | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

“ The information and acquired skills that I have learned from this training will greatly help me achieve my goals in work and personal life. What I like the most about the training was the very thorough and clear format along with role play through various activities. The training was very relevant and delivered in a great and engaging way. I am grateful that my company gave me the opportunity to attend this remarkable training. ”

Engr. Anna Kashieka A. Rebebes

DENR | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

“ I enjoyed the training and gained a lot of learning. Trainers are well equipped with experiences relevant to the topics. The DMAIC cycle and QC tools increases my problem solving skills. The training brought a lot of realization that I could do better to improve my career. I believe that Six Sigma Belt Guru, Inc., is doing a great job to continuously train people towards excellence. Looking forward to earn my Green and Black belt with them. ”

Rina B. Adornas

Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

“ Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what's best for you. Attending trainings/seminars are needed for one’s knowledge to improve and grow. Hence, as a participant in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course, my work attitude had changed. I now became cautious on how to reduce mind clutter to be more effective at work. Thank you so much for the great learning experience. ”

John Paul Sy Adonis

Zendesk | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

“ As a person, I strongly believe on the importance of continuous learning and improvement. For this reason, I decided to learn more about the concepts and applications of Lean Six Sigma from Six Sigma Belt Guru, Inc. The training program was very informative and comprehensive with supporting tools and templates. I was also able to seek advice from certified Black Belts regarding my project. Through this program, I contributed hard savings to my organization while earning my LSS Green Belt Certification. ”

Raf Renz Flores

Petron Corporation | Certified LSS Green Belt

“ Worth every penny! The workshop is very interactive and informative. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and to further advance in their career. ”

Hanna Barbero

eBusiness Services, Inc. | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

“ Excellent training with real-world application, examples and scenario. Very useful in streamlining and improving business processes. ”

Arwin Penohermoso

Juvenile Justice (DOJ) | Certified LSS Yellow Belt

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